Latest New Whitepapers in the IOUG On-line Library – 11-Jan-2012

Current White Papers for the Oracle Professional

Zero Downtime Migration to Oracle Exadata using Oracle GoldenGate

In this paper we will review Oracle GoldenGate’s capabilities and how it can be used to achieve zero downtime migration and consolidation to Oracle Exadata. We will provide high-level implementation steps for migration with GoldenGate and a customer case study example. You will also find a section that describes other use cases where you can leverage GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integration products for your Oracle Exadata implementations, including Data Warehouse Appliance Migration; Real-Time Data Warehouse Updates; Bulk Data Loading; Maximum Availability; OLTP; and SOA Integration.

Spotlight on: MySQL & Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate is known for its capabilities to offer real-time data integration for heterogeneous databases. This document describes the key use cases where MySQL users can leverage Oracle GoldenGate to achieve higher performance and lower TCO. Solutions featured include real-time data warehousing, operational reporting, and OLTP query offloading.Top 10 Reasons why MySQL

Experts Switch to SchoonerSQL

Learn the top 10 reasons why MySQL experts switch to SchoonerSQL and how it solves the common problems users face with MySQL.

Managing the Rapid Rise in Data Growth: 2011 IOUG Survey on Database Manageability

This report goes one step further – identifying the types of issues database professionals are grappling with in rapidly expanding data environments and then providing some recommended steps for getting ahead of the database management curve from the experts at the Independent Oracle Users Group: applicable industry-wide.