IOUG at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 – the Sunday Technical Sessions (9/30/2012)

IOUG User Forum Sunday Schedule at Oracle Openworld 2012
  8:00 AM – 8:45 AM 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Room 2011 (300)
OEM CON4569 CON2571
Wendy Chen Ray Smith
Oracle RAC database platform migration with ASM and Enterprise Manager 12c Make OEM Sing and Dance with EMCLI
Room 2012 (170)
WebCenter/VM CON6089 CON7085
Roger Lopez Michael Corey
Maximizing your virtualized environment with Oracle VM Virtualizing Oracle On VMware/Oracle VM Best Practices
Room 2014 (330)
RAC/HA CON8067 UGF10392
Kamran Agayev Sam Lucido
RMAN DataGuard and RAC best practices Oracle RAC Unlimited – True Active-Active Availability Over Distance
Room 2016 (330)
Advanced DBA UGF10389 CON6886
Anand Ranganathan Christo Kutrovsky
Monitoring Storage Systems using NetApp plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c The Answer to Free Memory, Swap, Oracle, and Everything
Room 2018 (330)
EXA CON2997 CON4410
Anuj Mohan Charles Kim
Top Exadata Features You Need to Know The Perfect Marriage:  ZFS Storage Appliance with Exadata
Room 2020: (330)
BI/Big Data UGF10575 UGF10408
IBM Session (2) Andy Flower
3D BI: Building new Flexibility in Enterprise-Wide Decision-Making with Oracle BI Big Data – A BIG part of Information Management
Room 2022 (330)
DBA 101 CON4711 CON3320
Biju Thomas Arup Nanda
Why you should upgrade to Oracle 11gR2 from Oracle 10g Database? Beginning Performance Tuning
Room 2024 (330)
Fusion Middleware UGF10409 UGF10577
James Lui Christopher Ostrowski
Intro to Fusion Middleware WebLogic Overview
  10:30 AM – 11:30 AM 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM
Room 2011 (300)
OEM CON2850 CON5131
April Sims Leighton Nelson
Pulling it All Together for Optimal Support: OEM 12c Cloud Control, OCM and MOS Migrating from Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control to 12c Cloud Control
Room 2012 (170)
WebCenter/VM UGF10401 CON7700
Brian ‘Bex’ Huff Tariq Farooq
Webcenter Content, Webcenter Spaces, Webcenter Sites, Which Is Right For Me? Oracle on Oracle VM – Expert Panel
If you bought or are are looking to purchase WebCenter, you are probably asking yourself this very question. The WebCenter product line has many facets, and which to use depends on which features you will need now, and in the future. This session will help you to understand the differences, similarities, and how you can make the most of your investment.
Room 2014 (330)
RAC/HA CON4209 UGF10394
Fuad Arshad Sergio Del Rio
Migrating To RAC and upgrading :A Data guard success story IOUG RAC SIG: Expert Panel
Join the IOUG RAC SIG for an open discussion about Real Application Clusters. Try to stump this panel of industry experts.
Room 2016 (330)
Advanced DBA UGF10573 UGF10426
Martin Klier Christopher Lawson
Resolving Child Cursor Issues Resulting in Mutex Waits Ten Surprising Performance Tactics
Room 2018 (330)
EXA CON4556 UGF10399
Jeremiah Wilton Tony Catalano
Will it blend? Verifying capacity in server and database consolidations Exa Roundtable
With the introduction of engineered systems such as Exadata and the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), more customers are interested in consolidating Oracle services onto these platforms. In any consolidation, there is uncertainly around sustaining the workload of the many separate databases on a single platform.

Oracle’s Real Application Testing, not only can test real production workloads against a consolidated host, it now can also test multiple source database workloads against a single database. By subjecting a pre-production consolidated system to the true concurrent workloads it will experience in production, Real Application Testing provides assurance that any consolidation will result in success, with no performance surprises.

Room 2020: (330)
BI/Big Data UGF10407 UGF10406
Ian Abramson, Thoughtcorp Steve Johnston, IBM
Big Data: The Future is Now Big Data, Integration and Governance – Ask the Experts Panel
Data Archiving, Data Quality, Data Security, Discovery, MDM….The list of recommended best practices by analysts and industry experts continues to expand every year. So how can you make sense of it all and get the most value for you organization from your Oracle applications and/or database and data? In this session our panel of user experts will share their case studies and expertise to help you understand which best practices to prioritize and focus on. Join us for an interactive discussion! The change to the information landscape has been unprecedented and data consumers have a thirst which needs to be quenched. The arrival of Big Data has raised questions on the value which it brings and how people can leverage the data to optimize their business. Big Data is an important shift we must understand and this session will be an investigation into how information has evolved and how important looking at both inward data as well as outwardly facing information. The session will look at how information evolved and how Bog Data came to be the most important information initiative much like the Cloud. We will look at how organizations have used Big Data and illustrate how a Big Data solution was implemented and today is running and supporting business processes. Big Data has arrived and now its time to start building for the future.
Room 2022 (330)
DBA 101 CON6458 UGF10410
Michael Abbey Maria Anderson
RMAN – Don’t Forget the Basics What I Wish Someone Had Told me Before I Became a DBA Roundtable
Room 2024 (330)
Fusion Middleware UGF10411 UGF10414
Brad Bukacek Todd Sheetz
So What About SOA? Fusion Middleware Round Table
2:15 PM – 3:15 PM  3:30 PM – 4:30 PM 
Room 2011 (300)
OEM CON6511 UGF10400
Tariq Farooq Kellyn Pot’Vin
Database Performance Tuning: Getting the best out of OEM 12c Cloud Control EM12c: Monitoring, Metric Extensions and Configuration Topology Best Practice
Learn how to leverage Oracle Enterprise Manager for tuning, trouble-shooting & monitoring your Oracle DB ecosystem. The session covers lessons learned, tips/tricks, recommendations, best practices, gotchas and a whole lot more on how to effectively use Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control for quick, easy & intuitive performance tuning of your Oracle Database. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c has introduced adaptable and fluid new monitoring concepts, including “Metric Extensions”, which every DBA who manages their environment with the EM12c should understand how to use. This session will dig into configuring the EM12c, out of the box, to ensure your environment is monitored effectively, how to enhance this monitoring with metric extensions and the configuration topology area of the new dashboard. The attendee will leave with a clear idea of how to plan, develop and deploy metric extensions to best support the EM12c environment. A clear understanding of monitoring templates, configuration topology and the full suite of Metric and collection capabilities will be discussed. Demonstrations to experience how to utilize the features will be provided and a full Q&A to ensure everyone grasps the full potential of this sessions EM12c subject.
Room 2012 (170)
WebCenter/VM UGF10402 UGF10403
John Klein Jason Stortz
WebCenter Content – Cost Cutting & Productivity Benefits of Content Consolidation Workflow with WebCenter Content – Pick Your Poison
In this session you will learn some of the most common content consolidation issues/problems and how they are getting solved.  Actual client case studies (with metrics) will be discussed. This white paper describes how to create a simple one step vacation review and approval process.  As of the time of writing the latest released version of was used for WebCenter Content, BPEL Process Manager and JDeveloper. There are two distinct ways to accomplish this task.  The first approach would use the out-of-the-box workflow capability of WebCenter Content.  This process and some tips and tricks will be described in the first half of this white paper.  The second approach is to use Oracle SOA Suite 11g, specifically, BPEL Process Manager and integrate with Oracle WebCenter Content.  Finally, a discussion of pros and cons will wrap up the review. In both circumstances the sample case story for this white paper will center on simple vacation request form processing.
Room 2014 (330)
RAC/HA CON7310 UGF10395
John Larkin Bonnie Bizzaro
RAC One-Node – Reduce cost, replace 3rd-Party Clusters with CRS & RAC One-Node RAC, Data Guard, and the Data Guard Broker
In an 11g RAC environment, establishing a Data Guard configuration using Data Guard Broker can be a bit tricky and frustrating. This session will provide all of the information you need to successfully create the standby database, create services, configure the broker, perform switchovers, and verify that CRS is aware of the database’s correct state.
Room 2016 (330)
Advanced DBA UGF10405
Riyaj Shamsudeen, OraInternals LLC
Truss, pstack, pmap, and more
Room 2018 (330)
EXA UGF10397 CON2644
Todd Sheetz Mark Rittman
To Exalogic, or Not To Exalogic… An Architectural Journey Oracle Exalytics and TimesTen for Exalytics Best Practices
This will be an exploration of the business case to move Oracle applications to Exalogic, or update the environment to new, commodity hardware. Working with the Oracle sales and Insight Teams, Veolia Environmental Services went through an evaluation of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud for our current PeopleSoft along with several new application implementations over the next three years.The Exalogic evaluation process seems to take longer than the actual implementation. A technology investment of this level requires analysis of current and future work loads, current technologies, and, of course, finances. After this presentation, attendees will have a better understanding of the evaluation process, the decision making process, and the final decision Veolia made.
Room 2020: (330)
BI/Big Data CON7484 CON5395
Shyam Varan Stewart Bryson
Deep Dive to Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Replacing a Legacy Data Warehouse: A Case Study on OBIEE as a Migration Hub
Room 2022 (330)
DBA 101 CON2478 CON9847
Seth Miller Rich Niemiec
Efficient DBA: Gain Time by Reducing Command Line Keystrokes Beginners guide to Partitioning a Table
Room 2024 (330)
Fusion Middleware UGF10413 UGF10412
Heather Morris Bruce Younts
Using OIA & OIM to Build a Comprehensive IDM Solution WebLogic High Availability


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