Oracle’s Open Source Stack

From the MySQL keynote today by Edward Screven. The Oracle LAMP Stack is looking pretty impressive. The stack includes:
- Oracle Enterprise Linux
- Oracle VM (Xen-based)
- Apache, Glassfish
- Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, C, C++

More details of MySQL 5.5 new features can be found at   Highlights of MySQL 5.5 is speed, speed, more speed and scalability.   MySQL 5.5 has benchmarked at 200% faster than MySQL 5.1 and 364% faster for writes.  MySQL 5.5 scales to 32  cores.  Oh by the way, biggest Internet apps are already using MySQL 5.1 because of its raw speed.

Sun technology, Oracle VM, Sun Virtualization, MySQL, Java along with Oracle database server and Fusion Middleware makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.  :)

George Trujillo